Welcome to this Historical Tour of the incredible city of Mytilene. This is a tour for all of you that love your historical facts, who crave to know how societies and their cultures are formed. We will lead you through the windy streets of the largest city on the Greek island of Lesvos, and give you a flavor of just how intriguing this varied and diverse city really is.

Clearly every house, every street has its own individual history, so if you spot something that intrigues you do not feel guilty if you go off course for a little bit – but do make sure you return to the route! We hope (and am sure) that you will enjoy this Historical Tour of Mytilene, and remember, if you get lost, just ask the locals, they won’t bite!  If you need a few Greek phrases to get you started you can find some here.

So what are you going to see?

Mytilene Map

Above is a map of the entire route of the Tour, which you can use for the duration of the walk. As well as this, throughout the website, after each point on the Tour, directions are given to the subsequent site.  Below is a summary of the entire expedition:

  • The Tour Starts at Point A: The Church of Saint Therapon. It then moves on to three of the other largest and most important Churches in Mytliene (Points B-D) – in all of these Churches you will be able to see the huge influence that Christianity has had on the city, and how it remained a central part of the community for centuries upon centuries.
  • You will then move into the Kiosk neighbourhood in the East, where we will explore two huge neoclassical buildings that have an important and turbulent history (Point E).
  • After this you will venture on towards the vast, imposing Fortress that overlooks Mytilene, and will investigate how different rulers of the city have resulted in specific architectural changes (Point F).
  • After taking in this awe inspiring monument, the next part will involve exploring some incredible Islamic relics (Points G-I); even though a large Muslim community no longer exists in Mytilene, during the Ottoman Period it was a hugely influential part of society.
  • Our final stage involves taking a little uphill walk up to the Ancient Theatre (Point J), where you will be able to see firsthand the remnants of a building that is claimed to have inspired the Theatre of Pompeii!

Overall the Tour should take four-five hours, with roughly 45 minutes total walking time, and about 20-minutes at each of the 11 Historical Sites. Of course this depends on whether some sites are of more interest to you than others, so take your time, and enjoy!

Stylised map of the Island of Levos

Historical Timeline

We know that if you’re considering this tour, then you’re probably pretty keen on your Historical events, so underneath we have provided a Timeline of Mytilene  for your interest (Greeka 2011; Greeknet 2014):


Remember, this is only a brief summary, so ask the locals and the people who work at the sites on the tour for more information!


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